Originally from Toronto, Canada, Robert has more than 20 years teaching experience as an English language instructor, having taught students in Canada, the United States, Japan, Poland, and Ireland.

Robert’s extensive experience teaching students of diverse backgrounds in many countries has helped develop his empathetic approach, focusing on teaching students practical English skills that will enable them to communicate clearly and effectively in various situations.

In addition to teaching in-company classes to clients in the financial, advertising, marketing, legal, and government sectors in Poland, he has also taught European Union sponsored Enlgish courses to prepare students for various City and Guilds ™ exams.

Robert also teaches preparation classes for the SAT, GMAT, and GRE exams, and various Cambridge ™ exams, such as the FCE, CAE, and IELTS.

Along with various test-taking strategies, Robert stresses the importance of consistent practice and an understanding of different types of exam questions, in order to develop the necessary skills to maximize one’s exam score.


Here are excerpts from reviews by some of Robert’s previous students:

Bianca R
[Robert] helped me focus on the parts of the GMAT test where I needed the most support. He also provided me with an extensive set of study materials and followed up thoroughly on all the exercises I was given. Overall, I am very satisfied… and I would highly recommend Robert to future GMAT test takers.

Lejla M
I’ve been taking online courses… to improve my TOEFL score. I was lucky and got Robert as my tutor and he gave me great instruction on how I could improve my score via different strategies. Moreover, he has a lot of will and good energy and guides you to your dream score.

Marc K

Robert is an excellent SAT tutor and both Caroline (his pupil) and I (her father) were very pleased with his tuition. He was very knowledgeable and experienced and helped Caroline considerably. He is a warm and intelligent man who established an excellent rapport with Caroline.
She learned a lot from him and clearly benefited from his tuition. He is a natural teacher and we have no hesitation in recommending Robert highly to anyone who is looking for SAT tuition.

We both thank him sincerely for his help and kindness.

Kamdi O
My tutor was Mr. Robert and I really think he is an excellent teacher. He focused on specific topics where I needed improvement and made sure he gave me activities and tasks to complete, in order for me to fully grasp what he taught. I highly recommend him as a tutor for anyone who needs help with their SAT’s.